Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reading Goals for 2016

Getting lost in a novel is one of my favorite things to do and the proof is all over my house.  I have a different book for each room of the house!  I have a murder mystery by my bed right now.  A true story by my chair,  a magazine in the kitchen, not to mention  a book of Sudoku puzzles in the bathroom!!!  My car has my I-pod which is loaded with audio books and a some true crime podcasts.  I have set a goal of 101 books this year.  This is one more than I read last year....

My favorite genres are:
1)  Trashy Bodice Ripping Novels set back in Regency England time where I can marry a duke, go to a ball, get to wear fabulous dresses and have servants to draw my bath, bring me hot chocolate in bed plus cook all my food!!!

2) Cozy Mysteries - simple murders where someone finds a body (no gore anywhere) and then tries to solve the crime.  All the while, working in a cool shop with lots of time on their hands to leave their job to be an amateur  sleuth!  The ones I read usually have recipes, craft patterns or party suggestions at the end.

3) Physiological Thrillers -  These are fabulous!!  You have plot twists, crazy people, gory crime scene descriptions....I can never figure out the killers!!!

4) Young Adult books -  I won't lie...I love reading YA books!  They are fast reads and I can talk about them with my students.  

5) Memoirs, true stories about people ..most of the ones I read involve food  Not sure why since I can't cook but I like to read about people who do.

Do you have a reading goal this year??  Do you have a favorite genre??

I have recently discovered podcasts and I LOVE THEM!!!!!   What turned me onto podcast was the true crime series called Serial.

This sucked me in and I still can't decide if he is innocent or guilty!  If you haven't listened to it and you like true crime drama....Click here Serial  Scroll down to SEASON 1 ....Listen to it then let me know your opinions!!!!  I am on the fence about it.  My brother and co-workers have had many discussion over this trial!!!

Right now I am currently reading:
1) Sweet Tea Revenge by Laura Childs - Cozy Mystery set in Charleston SC
2) My Berlin Kitchen - Luisa Weiss  - true story about a chef

My friend Carol has suggested I try out this reading list this year!!  Looks like I am going to give it a go!


Esmeralda said...

100 books !
Wow how amazing i a shamely finished only my magazines in 2015
I allso love ro read but stay up to late with my cross stitch
Might have to change that in 2016
Who is your favourite writer ?
I love Sante Montefiori

Heather said...

Great idea! Your genre list is pretty much the exact same as mine except for the true stories and that fantasy novels get a place near the top. I also adore series of books so I can stay in the world longer :). I haven't read much at all lately I really need to find a new series. Have you read the black dagger brotherhood? They're awesome :)

Lija Broka said...

Good luck with all that reading! 101 is one massive number ... I have been intending to read Laura Childs's books for some time myself but unfortunately they were not to be found in the library.

Have you tried Heather Wells mysteries by Meg Cabot?
and Aurora Teagarden by Charlaine Harris?

Albeit a friend pointed out that they do have a bit of gore in I still think they should be classed as cosy.

cucki said...

Wow good luck with all the reading...I love reading books too.
Hugs x

Meari said...

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and have a huge stack of real books next to my bed. Takes me forever to read an actual book!

Brita said...

Sorry to disappoint you but Luisa Weiss is NOT a chef. She's a journalist, a literay agent and long time food blogger and was a book editor before she chucked her job in favor of writing the book. She admits herself that most of her recipes on her blog have been taken from newspaper/magazine cuttings... (

Faith... said...

I was just saying that I need to get back into my reading. I miss is alot. My iPod of loaded and ready to go. I like some cozy mystery books but I absolutely love thrillers too so I will be checking out Serial. Thanks for the link and info on that. Good luck with your goal!!