Sunday, January 24, 2016

Three projects to show off and a question

What a crazy week!!!   We were scheduled to get some snow and ice this week.  However, Mother Nature decided to give us a slight dusting.  So far we have ZERO days of school to make up due to snow!!!!   It was an exciting week at BHS because ESPN came to our school on Friday and broadcast our boys game on ESPNU this past Friday night!!!!  Everyone was so thrilled!

Health update:  So I have been on a diet since January 4th and have managed to gain 3 lbs.  My trainer says it is muscle but this is very frustrating.  Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor for a checkup/blood work.  As I was talking to the doctor, I explained that I was feeling tired, couldn't seem to loose weight and some days feeling overwhelmed.   The doctor told me that he wanted to draw some blood and do a full panel because "I am at that age".  I guess being in your mid forties puts you in the "that age" category where things start going wrong!!!  I go back this Tuesday to find out the results...will keep you informed.

Stitching Questions:  I am the type of stitcher that has a hard time letting myself start a new project when I know I have 5 unfinished projects...I really want to start a new one but I have trouble letting myself do it!!   What about you??  Are you a must finish the current project! or What the heck....lets add another to the pile!!!!

Stitching Updates: When I wasn't dozing in my chair, I did manage to make some stitching progress...  I did finish page 5 of Victorian Winter!!   it is looking so pretty!!!!

VW - 56.2%

This is my Friday night stitching on A Wintery Heirloom.  To be honest, I also worked on it Thursday night.  I finished VW page on Wednesday so I just moved to this one.  If you were wondering if I was drunk when stitching since I stitched in a weird diagonal pattern...I was totally sober!!!!   HAED's Facebook group is having a contest and this quarter you had to stitch in a diagonal pattern.   There are going to be 6 or 7 challenges and you get a free chart for each challenge you complete!!!
AWH - 27.1%
I finally pulled out my Faery Tales to work on and I honestly missed working on this piece!!!!  I haven't worked on it since last November!!!!   I know I planned to work on it only on the weekends...but I might have to scratch that idea.   As you can see, I am back to the big rock!  This scene holds Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  I want to see them come alive!!!!

FT - 50.4%

So here is my delima..I love this pattern!  I have the threads ready and the pattern printed out. The fabric is cut out and sewn around the edges.  The only problem???  I have 2 projects close to being completed!!!!  This design is 98 pages!!!!!!  It will be beautiful when finished but it is a little overwhelming.   So I am trying to I finish my two projects that are close to being done or just bit the bullet and make the first stitch????/

This is the fabric for my ladies embroidering.   I laid my IPad Air in the middle so you could get an idea of why I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  It is 44 x 32!!!


Linda said...

I have over 250 projects started Vickie. My thinking is: When I can't stitch anymore, I want to say that I got to stitch on everything that I wanted.


Heather said...

Wow that's massive! I just put in my final challenge stitches tonight. I had a new start for it because I'm going to try doing the background in tenting which I hear is going to be one of the challenges. I think you should finish one of the two pieces and then start :). That way you won't feel as guilty and still get that new start. Then you can finish your second one. Good luck!

cucki said...

I love all your projects so beautiful..
I think if I like anything I like to start it..I start it..its make my heart happy
Happy stitching x

Katie Haskins said...

I have so many started due to so many reasons. Although when I get near to finally finishing one, I get an urge to finish it.
My 'insanity' is probably that size. I say go for it. At least 100 stitches, then you can go back to one of your other ones.

Margie said...

I get overwhelmed with too many going. I love being able to settle in and work on something for awhile. But I do like to have a few projects of different types going at the same time so that I get some variety. So I have a small one that is full coverage, a large one that is full coverage, a dark small on aida, a dark fabric that is linen, a light and easy project with large block of color and a large project with individual motifs that are fairly easy to finish off giving me an intermittent finish. So, I can rotate between those when I feel like stitching something different. Several large, full coverage projects would probably blow my mind!

Faith... said...

Hope the doctor has good news for!

Great progress on your stitching! I say...go for it! You only live once so do what you enjoy. What is one more piece added to the rotation? It is a big one though and I look forward to seeing your first stitch in it soon :)

Keebles said...

If it won't stress you, then I say start away, but everyone is different. I have my limits and am having trouble with the 9 WIPs I have now. Once I clear off a couple of the minor ones, I think I will be happier. Maybe you could just start it and then go back and finish the other ones?

Hope your blood work comes out OK from one mid-40's to another!

Tiffstitch said...

Nice work on everything!

Rebekah said...

Wow I love how the projects look so detailed. I think that I would finish up the two that are close to being finished and then move head long into the ladies. It is a beautiful piece and it would be nice to devote all your thought to it. Best of luck with the doctor!

hookedonstitches said...

I get overwhelmed with too many projects so my vote goes for the ones you've almost done.

Annie said...

I believe that you should live in the moment and do what you feel like right now:) No one knows what tomorrow will bring so if you want to start something, DO IT:)