Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stitching Update for the week

I am a few days late posting but I was so hoping I would have finished this page by Sunday/Monday.  It didn't happen.  Last week want a very good stitching week because I was just worn out!  I did get 3/4's of page 5 completed.

Victorian Winter - 53% completed 

 My friend Kim, who is a fabulous stitcher and quilter, and I have decided to work one day a week on our project we started in 2009!!!  This is A Wintery Heirloom from Heaven and Earth designs.  I am also working on HAEDS challenge to stitch in 10 x 10 blocks in a diagonal pattern.  It is driving me crazy but it is only for 1000 stitches...I can do this!!!
A Wintery Heirloom - 26.9% completed

Since I want to start so many projects, I have finally decided on my rotation.  It is going to be:
Friday:  AWH
Saturday-Sunday: Faery Tales
Closest finished
Largest New Project start
Closest  Finished
Next Largest New project start

I hope this makes sense!  At least  I will spend my largest stitching time on Faery Tales...I really want to finish this design!

My friend Becki and I went to the Tea and Spice exchange this past weekend.   They had a recipe card for brownies using Salted Caramel Sugar and Chocolate Sea Salt.  I bought them, came home and opened up a box Betty Crocker brownies and went to work.  I added the Chocolate sea salt (1/2 tsp) to the brownie mix.  When I poured the mix in my 8x8 dish...I covered the top in the salted Caramel then baked.   My husband LOVED them!!!!!   

Tune in next Sunday...I might have a finished page to show you!!!!


Meari said...

Looking forward to your progress!

Those goodies from the tea shop sound really yummy.

Tricia T said...

It's fun to read everyone's responses to the HAED challenge. I found that I really enjoy working on the diagonal, and my daughter did, too. We both think we stitch faster that way. : ) Can't wait to watch your progress!!

Linda said...

Nice progress Vickie. I signed up for the challenge - BUT, I have never stitched a HAED. It won't be to big on 14ct fabric. I just have to get the chart enlarged tomorrow so I can start.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching my dear...can't wait to watch your progress.
I love tea so much..I love rooibos tea .its my fav :)

Tiffstitch said...

Good luck and nice progress! Love the goodies too and glad they worked.

Heather said...

Lovely progress :). I'll be doing the challenge too I just finished dyeing my fabric but I'm anxious lol. The salts look very interesting!