Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stitching and Health Update

It is so hard to believe that it is the end of January.  It seems that time goes so fast these days.   I spend this week working on my Faery Tales.   After picking it up last weekend, I forgot how much I love working on it!  I actually missed my HAED.  This weekend was spent working on a rock and a wolf's head.  
Faery Tales - 51.2%

This is an update on my Friday project. It is a nice change...this Friday was a sparkly night because it was nothing but metallic threads.

A Winter Heirloom - 27.8%

Health Update-  I went to the Doctor on Tuesday as planned and he had my results back.  It seems I am very very low on Vitamin K and D.  Also, as my grandmother would say, I am officially going through the change of life!!!  Who knew???  It seems my hormone levels are so low they barely registered.   The doctor asked me if I felt irritable and I looked at him strangely.  I told him, I thought that was just my personality!!!  So he placed me on a very strong vitamin full of A/D/K that is supposed to help my vitamin deficiency.   I am also on a hormone compound cream to help with the other issues.    He told me that I would notice a change in 2 weeks.  We shall see...

I am looking into Essential Oils, diets and other holistic measures.   I am worried about all the side effects of the Compound Cream.    

Until Next week!!!


Linda said...

Glad to hear that things are to bad Vickie. Awesome progress on both projects.


cucki said...

Glad to hear things are bit better
Both are great projects x

Meari said...

I'm glad you posted about going to the doctor. I wouldn't have known about low levels like that can be caused by the "change".

Your stitching looks great!

Angela said...

Love watching your progress on the HAED's, I doubt I'd ever attempt one. I'm low in Vitamin D as well and have to take 2000 i.u. daily in the Winter and 1000 iu in the Summer.

CJ said...

Hi Vickie -

I think everyone is low on Vitamin D and it takes forever to bring up those levels. As for the other stuff, I take compounded Bio-Identical Hormones and they have helped tremendously.


Keebles said...

My family has said the same thing about me for years...they will never be able to tell when I hit the change because I'm a walking mood swing!

Congrats on the stitch progress! I'm amazed that you guys made it through that diagonal stitching! I would have pulled my hair out!

Heather said...

I'm glad things are on their way to being fixed! I'm pretty sure the earth has just sped up rotation and nobody's noticed because I'm almost certain it was New Years last week. Your stitching looks lovely!

Mylene said...

WIP's are looking beautiful!
Health wise hope things get better for you.

Annie said...

I'm in my mid-forties too and I can feel that something is up with my body... I have a feeling that the next ten years will be a real trial. Thank goodness that we have cross stitch to keep us sane lol. Hope that the vitamins will help you to feel better:) I'm thinking of trying some too.

kimbacaffeinate said...

LOL, just your personality..sounds like something I would do. I am hoping my change is like my mothers. She asked the doctor when her change would happen and he said, "You've already been there done that"
Glad the stitching is going well.