Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sampler Girl Contest Entry

The Sampler girl website was having a contest to stitch up a free pattern with your own threads and fabric. The winner would get a free pattern from her site. This is my contest entry. I stitched it using fabric I dyed, and six Strands Sweet threads.

On the Right, you can see an update on my Augusta piece. I have not finished 5% of the whole project. I am about 1700 stitches from having the first page finished!! My plan is to have the first page finished by the end of the month. That is the goal..however I am waiting on a model from X's and OH's so I may not reach the desired goal.

Stitching update:
4 BAP's
stitches left in BAP's: 199,996
Percentage complete in BAP's: 21.1%

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