Monday, January 14, 2008

It is Monday

That is all I can say. I am so tired. We had workshops all day and then I came home starting working on my new model well...I had a big visitor..a FROG!!! I stitched a section started a new one and then 20 minutes later I am ripping out the first section I stitched. Very DH has decided that he likes to play online poker so I have to schedule a time to chat online!!!

I am still reading my book....So far I have found out that she was killed by electrocution. Seems someone moved the rubber mat and stripped the wires. The last people in the coffee shop were her two partners. The Sheriff is a huge pain in the backside and really doesn't like to share information. I really felt bad that Maggy had to ask her jerk of a ex-husbands permission to take out the loan since they weren't divorced at that embarrassing. Stay tuned...will discuss more. I am really enjoying this book!!!

On the stitching note, I worked on Cherokee child and I was able to start working on her head!! You can see the start of the hair along with a very small start of her headband. Not alot of it..but just the start. Unfortuantely, I had to add the stitch count to my percentage so now my stitches left are over the 200,000...which sucks....but that is life. I added the picture on the right and uptop...for those of us who have trouble seeing small things.

BAPS- 5 projects -model, Augusta, Cherokee Child, Inspriations, Eye of Tiger
Stitches left: 232,446
Percentage finished: 19.0%


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is looking good. Isn't it nice when you hit the meat of the project!

Gorgoglio said...

Hi, I'm Barbara from ILCS I've added to my blog list :)