Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crazy Day!!!

I have to say today was interesting. I started by going to the library and getting some new books. My online cozy group is reading Uncommon Grounds by Sandra Balzo. I have read the first few pages and so far it is pretty interesting. The plot so far is that one of the owners of the local coffee shop was found dead. The sad thing was that it was opening day for the coffee shop. She had made her Latte and then gone. The lady who found her is acting very strange but I would to if I found a dead body. That is all I read so far...I had to go in and get my massage. Mark bought me a massage for Christmas so I cashed it in....

My sister, brother and I then drove down to Ft. Smith to the grandparents for lunch at western Sizzlin. Then we took them shopping. That was so interesting. Grandma wanted a new coat and a new dress. The coat was easy to find but dress was not so easy. We went to Dillards, asked for ladies dresses...they sent us to the prom/junior section. I looked at the sales girl and so no...We need Granny dresses....they don't make alot of grannny dresses ...and none at Dillards. We then popped over to JC Penny and luckily we found her 2 dresses. We then had to take grandpa to find new pants. He wanted a specific kind so we wound up having to go to a sporting store.

When I finally got home...I spent the evening stitching. I worked on Cherokee Child. No picture update as of yet but I will have it tomorrow.

BAP's: 4
Stitches left to stitch:199,586
Percentage complete.21.3%

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