Monday, January 21, 2008


As you can see that is how my new finish goes! I finished him tonight and I think he is rather cute. I worked on my new model all last week so I can't show any updates but I did make a lot of progress on it. It is a very cool design and I am dying to show it off....but I can't. Not much more to update.

I haven't been feeling good all day. The day started off great but sometime in the afternoon I got to feeling bad. My voice started going so I decided to leave lesson plans on my desk just in case. I am actually glad I did that because now I feel very yucky. My throat hurts and I just feel terrible. However, we are having freezing rain tonight so hopefully school will be cancelled so I won't have to use a sick day.

Stitching update:
Stitches left: 223,746
percentage complete: 22%


Anonymous said...

What a darling finish. I know a couple of little boys who would be quite thrilled with this bit of stitching!!!

Marta said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Shari said...

looks wonderful Vickie!!! Keep up the great work!!!