Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Here!! It's Here!!!!

I went and picked up my stitching Daylight Lap Lamp today! It came in on Thursday but I knew today was a buzzy Sunday ...promotional sunday where you get 10% off instead of 5% if you are a buzzy member. Anyway...I got to the store at 1:08 pm to pick it up. The first picture is of the lamp...the second one it is turned on and stitching layed on top. It is amazing!! I can't believe how well I can see the holes on the fabric. It does have a snap on cushioned back so it sits easy on your lap. I was working on Augusta today so you can see where I go in rows! Ididn't realize you could actually see it ...but with the light you can!!!
I love it!!!!! I am so happy Mark ordered it for me!!!!!


Jennifer's life and goings on said...

I love the light, enjoy it. It looks nice.

Shari said...

woohoo for you Vickie!! You will have to keep us posted as you work with it, as to how you are enjoying it!!!! What a wonderful addition to your stash!!!

~Kim~ said...

Im so glad you are loving your light! Mark's a keeper!