Sunday, August 31, 2008

Augusta the 13th hole

I set a goal this week to finish the first page of Augusta the 13th hole. My husband mentioned it to me the other day. He was wondering how his golf picture was coming along. How could I tell him I hadn't worked on it in months. So I dug it out. I couldn't go to bed until I finished that page Friday night...I put the last stitch in at 4:30 in the morning. I was so proud of myself. Too tired to take a picture ...but better late than never. I now have 1 page of 15 finished. Only 14 more pages to go. I do think this will take awhile.
I checked all my projects and made a list of everything I need to complete. I was a little shocked!!! Here is what is in my stitching box:
Eye of the Tiger
Haed-Fairy Tales
Cherokee Child -Mystic Stitch
Augusta the 13th hole
Happiest Celebration on Earth -Disney
Cinderella from Mirabillia
Indians from Ozark Sampler - Large count fabric
Fall Cat- Fiber class project
Love -Cards
Dream- Cards
2006 Kats by Kelly
Fiber Heart Project
I also need to start my retreat fiber project and I just signed up for a really cool RR where you develop your own town. So I think I am going to be busy for a while!!!

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Debra said...

Vickie it does look funny right now, but congrates on finishing a page. How many projects on your list have you already started?
Debra in Indiana