Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Tree

I pulled out my AWH this past weekend and decided to start the dreaded tree. I knew the blue would be fast so I thought why not spend Fri-Sun working on the tree and leave the blue for last...that would go much quicker than this dreaded tree.

I got out of my rotation this summer so I am trying to get back into a stitching rotation. I am making one minor change though...I want to stitch a small project in between my larger ones. Right now I am on my Mill Hill kick and have several Halloween kits I want to stitch up. I just love halloween patterns!!

I did get some excitment today!!! I went into my local Grocery Store, Allens, and couldn't believe what I found!!! Just some background, I live in a retirement village just turned into a city. This grocery still carries out your groceries and puts them in your car. They keep the small dum dum suckers in their pouches to give to the kids. I found the Halloween issue of JCS!!!!! I was so excited!!!! I immediately called my friend Debbie and asked if she wanted one too!!!

I know I have some people who read my blog, I was wondering what you were currently reading? I am reading Peppermint Twisted by Sammi Carter. This is the 3rd book in her Candy shop mystery series. Would anyone be interested in doing a Book Challenge? There 18 weeks left in the year and maybe we could set a personal goal to read 10 books before the end of the year. Leave me a comment if you would be interested. I thought it sounds like could be any book you choose. Let me know what you are thinking!!


Carol's Stitching said...

Reading challenge sounds fun to me! I've been rereading the Monica Ferris series again. Email me if you're interested at

Meari said...

Good luck in getting back into rotation, Vickie. Your WIP looks great.

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Vickie, I would be interested in the reading challenge. I read Sammi Carter, and Monica Ferris, Debbie Macomber, Laura Childs, Jennifer Chiaverini. I guess I'm your neighbor, up the road in Neosho, MO. Hope you can get back into your stitching rotation. You can email me at


Vicky L said...

I would love to be in the reading challenge. I already have 4 books lined up to read,lol. I still have books in my bookshelf I haven't read yet. Let me know the details.

Terri said...

This looks great Vickie. Cannot wait to see more