Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Augusta the 13th hole- Mystic Stitch

Yesterday I finished page 2 of my Augusta pattern...actually it is page 6 but I am doing them out of order. I can actually see a tree!!! Only 13 pages to go until I finish this design. I am going to try and get it finished by christmas for Mark. We will see if that happens or not...hopefully it will.

On Monday, we went down to OK to visit my grandma in the nursing home. The strokes have left her with the inability to speak. She started crying when she saw us...Grandpa said that is what she does when she recognizes someone. It was so hard to see her like this. Before the strokes, she was very vibrant and outspoken. She loved to argue and talk sports.

On Tuesday, I spent the day cleaning out my sewing room and working downstairs in the dungeon. I couldn't believe how much stuff I accumulated in my sewing room. It was amazing. It took most of the morning to put things away...sort things out...I found some patterns I didn't realize I had!! The dungeon was another story...I still have to work on that tomorrow. Just an FYI- the dungeon is our MIL apartment below the house. It is actually Marks office now...but when we moved into the house it help unpacked boxes. The previous owner painted the room/trim/doors GREY!! Prison GREY!! UGH!! we call it the it is a beautiful amaretto color. I will have to make a recycle run sometime this week.

The dogs and I took a nice long 3 mile walk in the park Tuesday evening. After our walk...we played in the dogpark. The boys always enjoying playing at the dogpark. There are some really pretty dogs. I did get asked why my dogs were wearing a muzzle...they weren't...only their training leads. It makes it so much easier to walk two 95 lb dogs when they wear their training leads.


Carol's Stitching said...

Wow! You must really love BAPS! It is turning out beautiful and I remember the one you made for Mark a year or two ago. Sorry to hear your historical figures were being a little bearish. I loved seeing the updates on them. Take care and keep the needles smoking!

Chiloe said...

I see the tree too !!! lol How many pages so far? You are doing an incredible job !!!

Debra said...

Congrats on finishing two pages!!! I can see the tree too.