Monday, August 3, 2009

Strip Tease Quilt

I finally finished this quilt!!! I was so excited to have it completely finished. As you can see Tusk LOVES his quilt. Yes, I made a quilt for my dog. He used to have one that he loved to lay on when he was a puppy...However, Brigen ate it. Yes, you read that right, he ate Tusks quilt. I actually had to take a day off work because he woke me with a VERY upset stomach and little surprises all over the carpet. Luckily, the X-Ray said he was all right.

I started this quilt last September and became frustrated very quickly. I went to the local quilt store and asked if they gave quilting lessons. The shop owner said that if I would come in the store either on Tuesday or Thursday evenings she would help me. I was so excited about this and bought all the supplies for my first quilt a Strip Tease quilt at her store. The first night she was very helpful to me. I went home all excited and started putting it together. I went back the next week and well....the store wasn't as friendly as the previous week. I put it down to her being a little busier than the previous week. She looked at my strips that I cut out..told me good job then had me iron them. Then she said I could go home and start putting them together. Which I kinda went downhill from there. Everytime I went into the store, either the shop owner was too busy to help or the in-resident quilters would tell me "She is too busy to hlep you tonight" or my personal favorite "Tonight is not for new quilters...this is the experienced quilters night. You will have to come back later." I came in one Monday afternoon. I had a Dentist appointment and was finished around 3:00 pm so I thought..hey, this would be a great time to go and get some help. I was still piecing it together and wanted some help. There was a stitch-in going for the local quilters guild and the owner actually took me to the calendar and said..."You need to start reading the calendar on when you can come in for help. I am too busy today. Any day when there is nothing on the calendar I will help you." The calendar was completely full...something on everyday. It was at that point, I quit going.

Kim was kind enough to help via the internet and phone. I most of it finished but when I put the binding on backwards...I put it up. I was so extremely frustrated. I mean this is not how stitchers treat each other is it??? I showed the quilt to my friend Kayla and she said it looked great...who cares if it is a little lumpy or the binding is on backwards. Since I already made the big mistake just use the machine and finish the darn I did!!! Tusk is happy and I have a pretty quilt (minus all the mistakes)

I just love the colors.....I am happy with the finished product and am looking forward to making my next quilt!!!


Sarah Lindfield said...

Oh Vickie how unfriendly and unkind there is no excuse for behaviour like that. But you showed em girl, you have it finished and I think it's a fine example and the impportant thing is Tusk loves it. Congrats.

Mzplcdokie said...

I'm so sorry the shop owner was so rude to you. I think the quilt turned out beautiful and the little "mistakes" just make it more personal. They are actually just more love put into the quilt in my Tusk doesn't seem to mind them and as long as he is happy that is what counts after all. Well done I say!

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

What a wonderful quilt Vickie. How rude of that quilt shop. Maybe I'll meet up with you at The Busy Needle sometime.


~Kim~ said...

Vickie - with all your frustration and grief you had over this quilt - I think it turned out wonderfully! And I can tell that Tusk LOVES his quilt his momma made for him!

Congrats on the finish!!

Meari said...

Just chalk it up to a learning experience, Vickie. Now you know what not to do. And since it's for your puppy... He won't care!

Tracey said...

The quilt looks great! I'm sorry to hear you were treated so rudely at the quilt shop. Sounds like maybe they are a little clique-ish. They're sure not going to attract newcomers that way! If I come across any good quilting instructional blogs/sites I'll let you know! Anyway, well done! :)

Debra said...

The quilt is beautiful and Tusk looks so happy to have his own quilt.