Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mystic Stitch- Augusta page 3 finished!

WHO-HOO!!! I finished page 3 of Augusta the 13th hole today!!! You are looking at 15, 628 stitches which equals 22.3% complete. I put in a BBC TV mini-series today called "Berkley Square" and watched that while I finished up this page. If you love period pieces...I would definetely recommend this video. It is a about 3 early 1900's nannies, their charges and their employers. I ordered it on netflix and it is 3 DVD's. I watched the last two today. One while Mark was golfing, the other when he went to bed.

Mark got home from a week of being gone to PA. He played a round of golf this morning and then we had Copeland's for dinner and just hung out together the rest of the day. It was nice just to hang out with him.

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mbroider said...

You stitch REALLY fast. One page done in about 3 days?? You are amazing!!