Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dreams come true!

This kit of Cinderella's Castle has been retired for YEARS!! I posted on the 123 boards to see if anyone had it for sale just as a long shot. The next day I got an email telling me they had one they would send me if I wanted it!!!! The only catch was that the stitcher had started it and decided she didn't like it. I was not going to complain...she just sent me the Chart, the metallics and her partly stitched design!!! I pulled it out of my too be stitched pile and started working on it. The only thing I have stitched on this design is the Green fireworks. I thought about starting over but then again...why re-invent the wheel....I just started where she left off. The green fireworks took a while because GIBBS needs lots of attention.

We did decide to name the puppy Gibbs!! It was the name Mark liked the best so we named him that. He is doing well on getting along with everyone in the house. Jag keeps beating him up....Munch hisses and spits at him. Tusk growls alot and Brigen will play with him. The potty training is going ok..he still has some accidents but he is doing better. He loves his treats! He does have a tendancy to pull on Marks sweats and has almost pulled them down a few times!! HEE HEE

Here are some pictures of our stitching class this weekend. In one of the pictures they are holding up their finishes! Everyone enjoyed the class and I had fun teaching it.


Shari said...

wow, lucky you with the Disney pattern!!!!!! How awesome! Stitchers are the best, that is for sure.
Have fun with that new puppy!!!!!
The class pictures look like everyone had fun!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh so lucky!! I LOVE that, just love, love, love it...get the picture, lol! If/when I ever get time I hope to stitch something big, but daren't start anything else at the moment.

zaneymay said...

Way to go. I tried clicking on pictures so I could see the finishes for the class, but they are clickable.

Amy said...

Isn't it great when things come together??

Have a great day.

Meari said...

Awesome luck on the Disney pattern.

Looks like everyone had fun at the class :)

craftypatty2 said...

Great fun I have some stitching friends but we get together separately never as a fun group like this.

Terri said...

Great stitching :) I love it looks like you had fun. And Gibbs sounds like he is settling in nicely

Sarah Lindfield said...

Love your new puppy and it looks like you had such fun at the stitching class.

Go to my blog you have an award!!