Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project Linus

My family decided to join the Disney Give a Day Get a Day program. We volunteered to make 10 blankets for the Springfield, MO area chapter of Project Linus. I tried to do our volunteering for the Northwest, AR chapter for Project Linus but they didn't registar on the Disney Site.
Everyone has to participate in the Give a Day get a can't be just one person so I had Beth and the kids make cards for each person who will be getting a blanket. Mom and I bought the fabric at HL. I stitched them all together. They were so cute! We went with an alphabet theme and a pale green backing. The blankets could be for a girl or boy since we weren't sure who would be receiving them.
If you like to make fleece blankets, quilts, or afghans and would like to donate some time, then you should check out the Project linus headquarters website. It is for a VERY good cause.


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