Saturday, May 1, 2010

Historical Fashions Couple # 7

I just love this design! This is the 7th couple I have stitched and only 6 more to go!!! I had lots of trouble with this couple. I actually had to restart it twice but I think it was worth it.

I have also been working on my Yoga piece. It is coming along slowly but surely. I have to admit that the colors are pretty boring but this is the design my sister wants so I am stitching it.

I have been sick this week! I actually missed two days of school. My voice was gone and the not breathing part really part got to me.Mark was great...he brought me home take out each night so I didn't have to cook. What a good husband I have!!!


demeter83 said...

You're couple look absolutely lovely, I keep looking at this kit myself, are you enjoying doing it?

Chiloe said...

I really love that couple : love the colors ;-)

Shirley said...

I have seen this design made up, it is going to be beautiful. Your dogs are just adorable. kind regards, Shirley

Alice said...

Couple no. 7 looks great. I think it was worth it. Hope you feel better soon.