Saturday, May 8, 2010

peace and quiet....NOT

I pulled out the Yoga piece and worked on it this week. As you can see I have finished one column and 3 rows of page one. Even though this isn't my favorite design, it does look pretty good.

My friend Becki and I went aournd to different quilt stores today. I was asking if I could leave brocheres for the Conkerr Pillowcases and if some stores would be drop off locations. The Rabbits lair and Village Mountain quilts are both drop off locations now. They also said that they would love to tell their quilters about it. I did buy some fabric for the quilts.

Gibbs had surgery this week. His bark is a little higher than it was last week. He is now neutered and had his dew claws removed. For the past few days he has been wearing really cute ankle bracelots that were orange/blue camaflauged. He wasn't too happy with them and he expressed this by chewing off his bandages. Even with bitters being sprayed on them..he ate them!! Silly Puppy!!!!

One month until my vacation!!!! I can't wait!!!


By Hoki Quilts said...

Awwww, poor Gibbs, a boy soprano LOL, what a good idea to get the dew claws removed. Our vet wouldn't do it for either of our dogs and they turn out to be such a nuisiance when trimming. Love the images I have in my head of him in camo bandages.

Susan said...

I admire stitchers who take on these pieces with multiple color changes. I can't stitch with threads hanging like that as I always get the ends stitched in where they aren't supposed to be! Looking forward to seeing more of this piece.