Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ozark Sampler 2010 SAL

This SAL is my car project. If you are scratching your head, going car project what is that??? A car project is what I keep in my car to work on while I am at a stop light, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic when it isn't moving...basically, anytime I am stuck in the car.

I stitched the Green border at home sitting comfortably in my rocking chair. I completed the Backstitching, puple border, gold border and blue chain in my car. They were very simply designs and I didn't have to look at the pattern except for the corners. As you can see all I have left is the purple border and the rest of the blue border. I do plan on backstitching this desing, however, I am going to do that while I am at Disney. I figure I can backstitch on the plane and in my room. I won't have to bring much except for black thread.

It has been a very tiring weekend and emotional weekend. I am too tired to post about it tonight, I will post tomorrow. There were lots of tears today......Nothing bad happend....just sad.

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too_busy_to_stitch said...

SAL is going on well! I know just what you mean about a car project - in fact I think I have two at the moment, though I've never yet stitched other than when actually parked!! (Unless DH is driving of course)