Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yoga- Page 1

I finished page 1 of the Yoga piece tonight. I made myself sit down and finish it. I have to say I have been avoiding working on this week. It has taken 3 days to do 400 stitches.

School is out in 8 days!!! I am so excited. Everyone is tired of school and ready to be finished. I made my Math class very excited today. I explained to them I was giving them their very LAST homework assignment for the year. Unfortuantley for them, it happened to be a 51 problem study guide but, they were happy to hear that was the last assignment for the year.

I have been very remiss in not posting my book finishes. Over the weekend I will be posting everyday the books I read in April and the books I have read so far this month. So be on the lookout!!!

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Susan said...

Had to laugh at your kids being excited about the last assignment only to find out it wasn't an easy one. You're really on the home stretch. Hope all goes smoothly these last few days of school.