Friday, May 14, 2010

LOOK WHAT I MADE!!! I didn't actually make the T-Shirt...I did put the design on the front though! I have been planning my Disney trip and I have become obsessed with the Creative People on my Disney message board. They can make the coolest things!! I had one of them make this design and I printed it out on transfer paper with my printer, and ironed it on! I LOVE how it turned out!!!!

I am going to enlist my sister to help me make the other shirts.

Gibbs went to the bet today to get his stitches out and we found out he has an infection so he still has to take antibotics. UGH!!! I came home today and found that he had been digging in the dirt. It was the bringing the mud from his digging and putting it on my Glass Patio doors. so they are now very muddy. Silly puppy.

Today was the last day with Seniors. IT was very sad to see some of them go and a couple I will say I was saying "Goodbye...don't come back" I know as a teacher that is terrible to say but sometimes you are excited to see them go because they have driven you crazy the whole year!!!!!


By Hoki Quilts said...

As a retired teacher I fully understand the feelings you go through when you say goodbye to your students. I too have mentally thought don't come back PLEASE, others I shed a tear for as they became such a huge oart of my life. Know that you do a fab job in not the easiest of circumstances.
hugs, Miche'le

Jo said...

Love the t-shirt. I'm sure my DS2's nursery teachers will heave a huge sigh of relief when he starts full time school in January next year :-)

Lana said...

Wow!! The T-shirt looks great!! And let the vacation begin!!!