Sunday, July 25, 2010

As Seen on TV.....

Yep..did some more shopping. Believe it or not, it wasn't stash shopping either! My back has been bothering me so I went to the chiropractor. He told me it was because of my sitting my laptop on my lap and looking down at the screen. He recommend that I get something that is eye level to help my back/neck pain. I bought an As Seen On TV item, yes I did. I bought the Table Mate II at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Mark was kinda smiling when I brought it in the room. It was VERY easy to put together and required NO tools!!
As you can see it is shaped in the form of a C and my laptop sits easily on it. The legs slide under my recliner and it is at eye level. Talk about a HUGE relief in my neck!!! I am LOVING this table!! I also sit my stitching on it so it is all right in front of me...I no longer have to reach over to my side...everything is right here!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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Shari said...

I have little tv tables that I keep out for my stitching & my son uses for his laptop. We still have the old standby.....desktop!
love your new background!