Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got a Nook!!

I am so excited!!! I bought myself a Nook! This is the Barnes and Noble Electronic Reader. I actually looked at purchasing a kindle but decided on the Nook for one major reason. With the Nook..I can download ebooks from the public library. This is a wonderful feature. So far, I am loving it!!! I have downloaded several books and reading them is easy. I love the way that I can make the font bigger on the page, helps my poor pitiful eyes!
Do you want to know the best part about this new toy I have??? It was the price. If you purchase the Nook from BN it was $162.41. However, I had cashed in my reward points from Swagbucks, Mypoints and my credit card rewards...the grand total for me: $12.41 I couldn't believe it!!!! Marks jaw dropped because he sometimes shakes his head when I tell him I am clicking websites, or searching for points. It is totally worth it! I am excited to say that I am about 600 points away from having another $10.00 GC to BN from Swagbucks and I already have enough Mypoints to get a $25 GC for BN. I LOVE IT!!!! I am thinking of saving my rewards and cash in for Christmas presents this year!


Shari said...

reward programs are THE BEST!!!!!!! I do the same thing!!! Love getting things super cheap because of it!!!!

Susan said...

Vicki, you are going to LOVE your nook! I got one in June and think it's wonderful. The option to download books from the library was one of the things that led me to get the nook and I've been able to get several books from the library. I love being able to download sample chapters since I would never read them on the computer screen. It was wonderful to have the nook when we went on vacation last week. Instead of dragging along four books (for a five day vacation) I took my nook and one paperback to read while I was sitting at the pool.

And way to go on the points!!