Sunday, July 18, 2010

I hit a I am holding a contest!!!

The Rabbits Lair a local quilt shop moved into a new building and they were holding a garage sale of things they didn't want anymore...and since they were getting out of cross stitch, I thought I could find some deals. WOW...did I fnd some great deals!!! Before I tell you what I found, here is the Contest- Simply leave a comment and in the comment tell me what you THINK all my new prizes totaled. If you follow my blog then you can have two guesses!! If you were shopping with me then you cannot enter....that wouldn't be fair!!
I will pick the person CLOSEST to what I spent. Since it was a garage sale, they didn't issue a reciept so I don't have proof to show you so you are just going to have to trust me. The contest will end Friday night-July 23, 8:00 pm. I will post a winner on Saturday. I don't know what the prize will be yet..but it will be a good one I promise!! So...Good luck
Here is what I got:

Quilting supplies:

9 yards of fabric
Cottage Blossom Quilt pattern
strippin checkers quilt pattern
Matilda purse pattern by Indygo Junction
Pretty Snappy purse pattern by Indygo Junction


1 11x13 open backed frame
3 10x11 1/2 open backed frame
2 10x15 open back frame
1 13 x 18 open back frame
1 rectangle q-snap (gently used so I don't have the measurements)

Cross stitch patterns:
LHN- Stitchers Prayer
HOmespun Elegance -Halloween Sampler
Prairie Moon - Ghoul Train
Shepard Bush- Be a Witch
SB- Wish
SB - BE Warm
The Praire Schooler - Chrismtas Day
PS- Cranberry Christmas
PS- When Witches go Riding
Carriage House Samplings (CHS) - A friendship sampler
CHS-From My Heart to yours
CHS -Falls' Gift
CHS - Elizabeth Minnics Decorated towel
CHS - Sampler Stocking autographed
CHS-Merry Christmas - Autographed
CHS - Taverns Signs TOO
CHS - Primitive Stocking
CHS- Pennsylvania -German Stocking Autographed
CHS - Scarlet Berries
CHS - Quaker Christmas Samplers
CHS- Sampler Stocking - Autographed
CHS- Quaker Stocking
CHS -Noah's Stocking - Autographed
CHS- Asenath Whitchome, 1819
CHS- Wild Roses - Autographed
CHS- Truth and Virtue Stocking
WHEW!! My fingers are TIRED!!! Good Luck!!!


lynda said...

$22????? (personally I think all those patterns would be priceless, but....)

Jennifer said...

I would guess you spent $25 total. How awesome to get all of those supplies at such a great discount. Enjoy!

Hillery said...

My guess is $65. What a haul. Congratulations.

Loves Christmas said...

Congrats on the major stash purchase. I'd say about $17.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congrats!! I'm thinking it must have been a whopper of a sale - $39.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

I'm guessing $27.50 - I follow your blog :o)

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Vickie, since I just went to an EGA stash cleaning event I am going to guess the amount that I had spent on my box of stash. $80

Keep cool and have a great week.


mainely stitching said...

You got those cross stitch patterns at a YARD SALE??? Why oh why doesn't anything like that ever happen to me??? I'm just green with envy!!

I have no idea what to enter for a guess. I'm going to say $24 just because. But wow, what an incredible haul!!!

Sunshine said...

Wow! You hit the JACKPOT!
Since I follow your blog too, here are my 2 guesses. $57 & $77

Linda said...

I'm going for $62.00 total.

And let me say, you sure made a great haul - especially all of those lovely CHS charts!!!

Linda in VA

Sew Wilde said...

I will guess $37.75. What a great haul.


Vicky L said...

WOW! What a great haul you found. I wish I can find stuff like that and all of those CHS patterns. Lucky you! I am going to say you paid $45.

patti said...

I'm thinking the 50.00 range. What a haul!

DK Spins said...

Holy Moly Vickie! You seriously hit the jackpot! I'll guess 39.00$. It'd really be interesting to figure out how much you saved! enjoy your goodies, Dianne in UT

Kim R. said...

My guesses would be $55 and $85 :)
Great stash day for you, Congrats!!

kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Shari said...

wow, what a haul!!! Good for you!!!
I am going to guess 37.75.

omashee aka Barb said...

WOW Vickie! What a haul! So hard to, how about $59.50. That's probably way low. Anyhoo, enjoy all that stash. Now if you could just buy some time to stitch.

Debra said...

Wow you did great! I am going to say $60.00

Carol said...

What an amazing find--why can't I find things like that at a yard sale?! My guess will be $19.00!

Roz said...

That is totally awesome!!! I am going to say about $48

Blu said...

Incredible haul!
I'm going to hedge my bets and go with $15.75 and $79.50

Wayne said...

35.00 Those kind of deals only come once in a lifetime.

Susan said...

What a haul!! My two guesses are $53 and $70.

Pam said...

Wow!!! What a great haul!!! My guess is $20, although that's really cheap for all that!! Congrats on a great shopping trip!!
Pam K. :o)

PamelaSueJames said...

My guess is 15.00 and that is a lot of stash.

Carol's Stitching said...

My guess would be $75.00 for the entire haul. No matter what you spent; it looks like you are going to have a fantastic time stitching and framing! :)