Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WHO-HOOO Free Stuff!!

I decided this morning to cash in some of my online points sites. I cashed in my MYPOINTS rewards for a $50 Visa Gift Card!! I then popped over to my Swagbucks account and cashed in my points for a $10 GC to Barnes and Noble!! I love this!!! If you aren't a member of either..basically Mypoints sends you email links to click on and you earn 5 pts per click. Swagbucks, you just use the search engine to earn points. Instead of hitting Google...I use swagbucks and earn points.
You can click the button on the swagbucks widget to get started (and I get points for referrals). If you haven't joined my points...send me your email and I will send you a referral.
Yes I am shamelessly asking for referrals on my blog!!!! This will be the last time I do this...


Shari said...

I do both of these myself & love them!!!!! I just got a $50 for Kohl's from my points!!!!
LOVE FREE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I hadn't heard about Swagbucks and will have to check them out. I have used MyPoints recently to click through to buy a computer for my daughter and a Nook for myself. I'm currently on vacation and just used the $50 Marriott gift card I got from MyPoints. Shari is right--free is good!

Sew Wilde said...

I would be interested in trying my points. Thanks for the offer.


Meari said...

I use MyPoints also. Congrats on the GC's.