Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Stitching and presents

This Christmas tree is my final stitching project of 2011!!!  It for the RR I am in for one of my Yahoo groups.  This belongs to Berly and when I send it to her then all of her RR will be complete.  I am also sending her Judiths which you can see below.

Since I finished stitching all my required stitching and goals for this year, I have been transferring all my floss from floss bags to bobbins.  Talk about a very boring process!!!  I have been sitting in my chair just winding and winding.   I am hoping to have a winding party at one of my friends houses soon but my new bobbins that I ordered from Amazon have to come in before we can.  I have a feeling I will be winding for a while.

This is one of Marks Christmas presents.  I gave him a 5lb Hershey's candy bar.  He was shocked...he did not expect this gift!!!  He was very good to me this year.  This year, Santa gave me: a Chocolate Diamond Anniversary band, 4 charms for my charm bracelet, 3 new books, a new razorback hat and jacket.  The first 3 seasons of Designing Women and keyboard for my I-pad!!!  

The Anniversary band is also my valentine was a two holidays in one but it is so pretty.  I tried to take a picture of it but it didn't turn out that well....This gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Finally, You can see pictures of Judith in Germany's RR.  It needs to go to Berly for her stitch on and then it will go home to Judith.  I did have a slight problem.  I was getting it ready to be mailed and went to another room to get the envelope, and when I came back....the patterns were gone!  Seems Gibbs needed a mid-morning snack. he ate Judiths patterns!!!! UGH!!!  So I had to post to the group that she needed to send Berly the last pattern.  Darn dog....he thinks he needs to eat everything!!!!!


Wanda said...

Love the new ring! I, too, got a keyboard for my iPad, but I have been sewing and stitching so much that I have yet to try it out. I am off this week and John is working, so I drafted a new pants pattern and then altered some pants that are now too large for me, hemmed pjs that Santa brought me and kitted up a new projectto start on New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight. (Can you tell he is also working nights on NYE?) Have a Happy New Year, Vickie. See you on the UFO challenge blog soon. Wanda in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Santa was very good to you!!!! That ring is Gorgeous!!!! Is Mark going to share that 5lb Hershey bar? Your two finishes are gorgeous!!! Those receiving their RR's are going to love them. When I have to wind bobbins I make sure that I have something good on the TV to take some of the boredom away. Have a Happy New Year!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Jo said...

Fabulous tree, it really stands out well. Beautiful ring, DH still hasn't fixed my eternity ring...I've shown him your ring LOL! He's more impressed with the bar of chocolate, we don't have Hershey's over here but Cadbury's will suffice he says!!

Meari said...

Beautiful RR's! Bad dog, bad dog!!

Indeed Santa was good to you two. Happy New Year!

mdgtjulie said...

How lovely, Vickie. Almost like the dog ate my homework!!! Your part in the RR looks great though. I love the candles. They're so pretty. The ring looks gorgeous from what I can see. Grats on the great gifts!! I love the Hershy bar. Where did you find that?!? NM, don't tell me or I'll go looking for one, lol.