Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of the year

Wow!!!  It does not seem like it should be December 31 already!!!!  I went to the mailbox today and there was Stitchy Mail!!!!!!  I found my 1000 plastic bobbins I ordered from Amazon.. 

 I won a Years worth of Ornament Kits from Celcilia's Samplers in Branson.  My first kit came in the mail today!!!!  We will be doing 12 ornaments from this book...the first one is the Gingerbread house on the cover.  I forgot I was getting this so it was a HUGE surprise.

Finished putting away all my Christmas stuff today.  Mark and I went out to dinner and he went to bed at 8:55....he is NOT ringing in the new year with me.  I am getting ready to get out my Cinderella's castle out and start working on it.  Have a Happy New Year!!!!


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Vickie, happy new year, and a new project for it too. Looking forward to seeing your little ginger bread house all stitched.
hugs - Miche'le

Kaisievic said...

Happy New Year, Vickie - is your DH unwell, is that why he went to bed early. If so, I hope that he gets better soon. My DH has a bad back at the moment so there is not a lot of excitement in our house atm.

Hugs, Kaye

P.S. Looking forward to seeing your gingerbread house stitched.

cucki said...

happy new much looking forward to seeing the ginger bread house..
love for you cucki xx

Meari said...

Nice mail stash! Happy New Year, Vickie!