Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reading Challenges for 2012

As most of you know that read my blog, I do love to read. This year, along with my stitching goals, I am going to enter some reading challenges.  I have been searching and reviewing the different challenges out there. Here are the ones I have decided to enter:

Laura's Victorian Challenge:
For the Victorian Challenge, we will focus on the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. We will count books that were written by Victorian authors during this time period, books set during the Victorian age, or books about a Victorian author, history, manners, architecture, Queen Victoria etc. Also besides reading books, short stories, audiobooks and movies will also be accepted. The sky is the limit; I would love to make this a true celebration of all things Victorian.

Regency and Victorian Challenge:
-Any sub-genre of Regency/Victorian Reads counts (paranormal, historical, contemporary, young adult etc.) I need to read 8 books to be considered the princess I know I already am!!!
Romance Challenge:
I need to read 12 romance novels to be considered a Queen!! Love this...because I do love to read romance novels.
100+ Book Challenge:
I have to read over 100 books this year. It can be a cross over challenge so all the books for my challenges above do count except for audiobooks. They don't count. Sad, because I listen to books all the time...but I can do do it!!!

The Young Adult Reading Challenge:
My goal is reach the Mega Level where I have to read 50+ Young adult books. Which is what I need to do so I can keep up with my teenagers at school.

Cruising through the Cozies:
I have to read 13 Cozy Mysteries to be considered a Super sleuth! This is for me!!!

Ok...This is all my Challenges for this year.  Which means  I will be reading as much as  I will be stitching!!!!

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Yvonne said...

Welcome to the cozy challenge! Have fun!