Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Organizing, Questions and new Calendars

Yes, I am still organizing!!  Tonight, I focused on putting all my freebies in paper protectors. I still have to place them in a binder by category.  I still have several saved on a flashdrive that I have to go through too. Then I have to go through my floss that I have gotten onto bobbins and sort them by number.  Sigh, this is a HUGE undertaking.  Not to mention I have magazines and I still have to enter all my charts onto an excel spreadsheet!! I do have a magazine question but it down below....

Freebies to organize...sigh...

I bought 3 new calendars this week.  Most people are going digital and using their I-pads, i-phones etc to keep up with things.  I am a little old school, I do like my outlook calendar for meetings at work. At home I like paper and pen. Strange I is what I bought:
Book Challenges and Daily appointments
I like to write down appointments, dates, etc in an old fashioned datebook.  This year, I am going to be adding books that I finished so I can keep up with my reading challenges. 
Wall Calendar for the house
 Mark and I need a calendar for the wall so we can keep up with each others Dr. appt. Marks travel for work, etc.  This is where we keep the dogs appointments for the vet and doggie groomer.
Cross Stitch Calendar
I like to keep up with my stitching.  I write down when I start a project, what I work on each day. Very nerdy but I like it.  Since I am stitching my Disney patterns this year, I thought this was just darling!!! It tells the story of the Sorcerer's apprentice each week.

As I was browsing in Barnes and Noble today, I flipped through the new JCS issue and found this new building series that is starting this year.  I bought this issue and went home and ordered a years subscription (7issues) from  They had a $5.00 off coupon and the cost was only $18.00. Cheaper than buying each individual issue and ordering a subscription from JCS

Magazine Storage Question:
Since I am organizing, I am finding I have a number of magazines that only have 1 or 2 patterns in them that I want to stitch.  So here is my question: Do I tear out the charts I want and store them in a binder? or Do I just keep the magazine whole and just put the patterns in my database?  There are a few I would keep whole because I just love them....but the rest, I could give or take.  What is your opinion???  


PrincessPolly said...

When I sort through my magazines, and find some that only have a couple of charts I want in them; I cut/tear them out, put them into a plastic sleeve (sort these loose charts out later);
and then cut/tear out as many of the left-over charts as possible, put all of them into a plastic sleeve and pop it into the charity bin the next time I have a bag full of things to donate....The leftover bits of the magazines go into the it is like a two way win!
Liz :)

Cleejoow said...

My goal for next year is to scan my magazines so I have them all in digital form. I wanted to give away my mags I already scanned but the postage is just too much... costs me 16€ to send 4 to the US. So I guess I will toss them once scanned and stored on my external hard drive. The mags themselves just take too much space :(

lanybleu said...

I love to keep my magazines whole, tastes change and you never know what you would like to stitch in the future, but it can be hard with the storage.
I think digital storage is a great alternative.

cucki said...

i so much wanted a bigger cupboard for my stitchy stash so next year i will collect money for my new big cupboard..
love for you
happy new year
cucki xx

Shari said...

love your calendars.....I agree..must have a paper & pen calendar!!!!
As for magazines, I keep mine whole...I have a whole 'stack' of storage bins......just the right size for magazines...I sort them by magazine..example: Just Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch & Needlework, Stoney Creek, etc...

Nancy M said...

I don't have a ton....but I do have all the old CSCC Better Homes and Gardens ones! And I bought the JSC subscription for around $12 just before the Ornie issue came out.I am redoing my room, so I appreciate this question so I can read the answers! I like the digital scanning idea! I might have to start doing that one and not save all my magazines and waste valuable storage space!!!

Love Of Quilts said...

I like the idea you had of writing down books that you finished. I need to do this it is very for me to remember my books and after a while impossible. Trish

Anonymous said...

I love the calendars that you got!!! I too am old-fashioned. I like the paper calenders for Dr. appt's and such plus the pocket ones for my purse. I really like that new series. May have to check it out. What I have done with my Magazines is go through them & ask myself "Am I ever going to truely stitch any of these charts"? If not then I send them off to ILCS to be given away during the retreat. If there is one or two charts that I am going to stitch I tear them out & then pass the magazine on to another stitcher. So I am going with that idea of yours.
Hope that helps.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Jules said...

For me, I find that making a photo copy of the charts from magazines works best. This way you can mark on them without doing too much damage to the actual mag. For storing them, I like to use the magazine organizers you can find in almost any office supply store. Here's a link to give you an idea: I cheaped out and got cardboard for now, but they come in mesh, wood, steel, etc. If you find that you want to save only a few designs, then copy or scan them onto your computer. Who knows, you may just find yourself having many giveaways this year, lol!! Happy organizing :)

thehappycrochetchic said...

I tear out chartsbwhen therenare only a few i want to stitch u should do that then send me the rest of the just kiddin, but magazines do take up a lot of room so it really saves space so i would tear and file!!