Sunday, January 1, 2012

First day of 2012

Mark and I spent the day just relaxing and watching a TV series on showtime called Homeland.  It is about a POW that has come home from the war and they feel the he was turned while being held prisoner.  It is a great drama with twists and turns we NEVER saw coming. 

I was able to finish my first book of the year.  I started it before Christmas break and have been reading a little bit on it over break.  I finished it today.  It is the third book in the series. This is a YA novel about a young lady who has the power to see the future. It caused major trouble at home and her previous school so she moved in with her grandmother who is also a Seer (someone who can see the future). She is guiding and teaching her how to use her powers.  

I worked on Cinderellas castle yesterday and today.  I was able to start the lower half of the castle.  I think if I could stay off Facebook I could  get more stitched but I keep getting sucked in my Frontierville game.
UFO Cinderella Castle
 I don't know if you make resolutions or not.  I make the same ones..lose weight, save money, don't buy so much stash...etc.  This year I would like to set one month aside to finish a chore I HATE or just been putting off.  So The month of January will be the month I clean out my guest room which has become a junk room.  There is so much stuff in their it is just sad.  I have another hoarding room on my hand.  I need to update my paperbacks for paperback swap, clean out the closet, go through baskets of magazines that have articles, recipes etc in them that I wanted.

I did set 3 stitching goals this year and after I set them, I realized I calculated wrong!!! UGH!  I thought I needed to finish 35 pages of UFO's to get to the 50% mark, however after looking at my spreadsheet, I realized I put in a number wrong. now My goals read:

1) Finish 58 pages of my UFO's to reach the 50% mark.   I only have 135 pages left to be complete!
2) Stitch my Disney Patterns
3) Stitch for ME! Be Selfish and do NOT be afraid to tell someone NO!


cucki said...

hello dear, that book is looking so nice..i will look for it here too..lovely stitching project..
my new year resolution is to finish my wip's..
good luck with yours..
hugs cucki xx

Shelleen said...

That books sounds really good. Good luck with your goals and finishes.

Jennifer M. said...

I'll be looking out for that book. It sounds really good. I'm not a big reader of YA but when I hear about a good one, I'll go for it.

Cinderella's castle looks lovely.

Your idea of creating a monthly goal I think is more realistic than setting yearly goals. If we give ourselves too much time to do something, then we have a tendency to procrastinate longer on finishing something that really needs to get done.

Happy New Years!

Linda said...

Hi Vickie. I just love Cinderalla's Castle. I am a huge Disney fan. Is this piece a chart or a kit? Thanks again for picking my name for your stash box giveaway.


Katrien said...

cinderella castle is beautiful. I know all about a guest room turning into a junk room (blush of shame).
Good luck on your goals!