Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romance Challenge

Royal Reviews is also hosting a Romance reading challenge.  I love reading romance novels.  Trashy, sweet, loving, makes me cry books are my favorites!!!  The Romance novels I read this month were:
LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!  It was a Free download from Amazon.  Darcy Miller owns her own bakery and she is FAT!!  She is trying all these different methods to lose weight and nothing is working.  It doesn't help that her sister is tiny and is offering her suggestions!  Then the hottest guy she has ever seen is opening the store next door! I found myself laughing outloud which wasn't good because Mark was asleep next to me!! HEE HEE!!

I also read Winning the Wallflowers by Eloise James.  This book review can be found in the Regency/Victorian post right below this one!!!!

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