Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lana's Victorian Challenge

Lana from Laura's Reviews is hosting a Victorian reading challenge.  Since I am a lover of Victorian novels, movies, dress and manners, I decided to join.  I have chosen to read one Anne Perry Novel a month.  I am reading her William Perry series about a Victorian Detective in London.

William Monk wakes up in a hospital with a splitting headache.  He has been in an accident and has lost his entire memory!  He is a top notch detective with a major case to solve but he doesn't even know his own name, where he lives or anything!!! A war vetern, Joscelin Grey, has been brutally murdered in his own home and Monk must somehow piece his life together while he pieces together the puzzles of this murder case!  

I liked this book...it kept me interested.  It was so interesting that last night I had to finish it!!  Just had to do it! It was midnight and I couldn't sleep.  Usually, I read an ebook but I had to search the web for and e-book of this to download so I could read it.  I found of tons of illegal files, torrrent files (don't trust those either) and I finally stumbled onto this website: readfreeonline.net it was wonderful!!!!  I was able to finish the book!!!

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