Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Ball and Gifts

I lost track of how many presents I should have opened so I opened them all!!! Probably cheating but I just couldn't wait!!! Sorry Vicky,  but I LOVED everything!!!  I have them laid out on my floor with the guilty party of why my floor looks so gross.  Gibbs brought in another stick and chewed it all up on my nicely vacuumed floor.  Silly Puppy...back to the gifts.  I received: 
1. A stitch a card with a poinsettia and candle
2. A beading Kit
3. A fat quarter of Christmas fabric
4. Note pad and sticky notes with a crown on them because I am queen!! (In my world anyway)
5. Set of coasters with royal symbols: crown, key and 2 filigrees
6. New pair of scissors
7. 18 ct. fiddler cloth
8. Fast and Festive 50 Christmas designs chart
WOW!!! didn't she spoil me????

This week I worked on my Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn.  I was able to finish the fireplace and columns.  I still have floating head but I hope to remedy that the next time I stitch on this project.  This week I am headed back to Disney to work on my castle!!

My Dear Husband:
Mark sent me an email last week that said "You have have a surprise next week at 2:00 pm" That was intriguing and I asked for a hint, "It is the color you are when you are sad"

Mark bought us BLUE MAN tickets!!!!  We went and saw them yesterday.  It was so much fun!!! If you haven't seen them, then if you get the chance go!  We had a blast.  We then went to the Brew Pub for dinner.  It is a local restaurant that brews their own beer.  Which is kind of funny, since we don't like beer.  We just like the burgers! It was a GREAT date!!!


Vicky L said...

I am glad you love all the gifts. I knew you would get a kick of the crown motifs. I think I have a couple gifts left, so I am going open the rest up. Great stitching on the Summer Ball.

cucki said...

Beautiful gifts..everything is looking so lovely..
Wonderful stitching on summer ball..
Stitchy hugs
Cucki xxx

Anonymous said...

Summer Ball looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing this stitched up.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

demeter83 said...

Blue man group and brilliant, you must have had a brilliant time!
Summer Ball's looking brilliant, gorgeous chart. Can't wait to see more!

Keebles said...

You've got bodiless heads and I've got headless crotches! Wonder if that says anything about us?

Meari said...

I've known a few people who've seen the Blue Man Group, and they've all said it was a great time.

Nice progress on your stitching.

Shaunterria Owens said...

I have to agree - Summer Ball looks wonderful so far, and I really love the detail of the work. The shading in particular is really impressive

Mangogirl said...

great progress and lovely stitching gifts :D