Sunday, January 29, 2012

Floss, floss and awesome Crockpot recipe!!

Floss needed to be wound

You are looking at my floss that I want to get organized this year.  It is a crazy mess!!!!  I spent today kitting up all my UFO's and I mean all of them!!!  I then proceeded to pull out all my floss to the living room so I could watch TV while I was kitting up the floss.  I had to enter all the threads needed by chart into excel then sort it in numerical order.

Floss box full of UFO's threads
The floss boxes looks so pretty when they are all together.  I started at 3:30 pm and finally finished around 9:00 pm. took that long to sort, wind and organize4 boxes of threads!!!! Mark just looked at all my threads and shook his head...he had no idea what to think about all this.

Zuppa Tuscana Crockpot soup

I found this recipe off 365 days of slow cooking.  I tried her original recipe and it is YUMMY!!  Since I am trying to lose some weight I modified it and it turned out great!!!!

1 lb bulk Italian sausage, Turkey, browned and drained
(I added 1 Tablespoon Italian Seasoning)
2 cans chicken broth
1 cup water
1/4 cup onion, chopped
3 large russet potatoes, cubed
1 garlic clove, minced
Bacon bits
1 cup whipping cream can low fat Evaporated Milk
Place Italian sausage, chicken broth, garlic, potatoes and onion in slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH for 3-4 hours until potatoes are cooked and soft. Add desired amount of bacon bits, whipping cream and cut up kale right before serving. Top with your choice of cheese; serve with fresh bread. Makes 8 servings.

I highlighted in yellow the changes to the original recipe that I made.  It is so yummy!!!!  I didn't wipe the bowl after I had heated it in the microwave...sorry, my presentation isn't Iron Chef Material!!!!!


cucki said...

yayyyy lots of yummy floss..
and recipe too..
have fun xx

Meari said...

I may try that soup! I often sub ground turkey for other ground meats, but never thought about using evap milk for cream. I bet spinach would work as a good sub for kale, too. Thanks for the recipe!

Patty said...

Looks yummy - I subscribed to her site. As a recipe collector - like charts - I can never have too many.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! That's alot of floss. You did a great job with it. That soup looks & sounds yummy. Will have to try it myself.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

tncottagequilter said...

Vickie. What kind of boxes are you using for floss storage. They look larger than the standard ones and I need bigger. Most of my projects have 80-100 floss colors... At least... Also, I was so disappointed to hear about the demise of our Mystic Stitch group. I was so hoping this was a mistake.. but you are right. It has just vanished... Along with all our photos :( Maybe someone would like to start another one??? Hint.. hint... Was it you who sort of "hosted" the contests we used to have each year... or do I have you confused with another Vickie. That was so much fun. Your Summer Ball looks great. Have you started Victorian Winter yet?? I remember you were having some trouble deciding on the color for the fabric... white on white being so difficult to work on??

Cathy in TN

Rachel S-H said...

That soup looks delicious! Will have to give it a try. Thank you for the recipe.

Great job organizing. why is it so hard to do these things til it is a mess, LOL?

Mangogirl said...

looks like you've been having fun :D So organised :D i love seeing floss boxes.