Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Starts 297-304 ...I hit 300!!!!!

Yes you read that title correct!!!  I hit 300 starts this week!!!!  Can you believe it?????   I can't!!

I am showing the rest of October in this post.  There are three designs that are not Halloween but I wanted to start them.

Start 297: Halloween Hilda - Mill Hill

Start 298:  Spheres of Happiness - Russian Kit

Start 299:  Couples Tea - Kit I bought off Ebay from China

Start 300:  King Henry VIII  -  Stitched on 32 count PTP Mediation

Start 301:  MH White pumpkins stitched on aida. 

Start 302:  Halloween Party Tree - Stitched on 16 count aia

Start 303: Lizzie Kate = ABC Halloween stitched on 18 grey aida

Start 304: LaD-a  Wicked Witch stitched on 16 orange aida I dyed myself .

That is a wrap on October!!!!  On too November!!!!!  

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Stitching Angel said...

I don't know how you have done the year of starts and done it so well. I can not wait for my 25 days of cross stitch to be over, I could never do a whole year. Well done to you. Merry Christmas and happy stitching.