Sunday, December 17, 2017

November Year of Starts: 305- 310

So this month kicked my behind.  I wasn't as organized as I usually am and was really struggling to get my act together.   I was in a car wreck on Oct 29th and I wasn't hurt just my car.  I stopped and the guy behind me did not stop.  Basically for the entire month I was dealing with insurance agencies about my car.   I had my month planned out but when I went to do my start I realized I didn't have my floss separated for my Disney kits like I should have and some fabric wasn't I had to rearrange my starts.

Start 305:  Mill Hill  Home for the Holidays Stitched on 14 count sparkly fabric

Start 306:  Mill Hill:  North Pole stitched on 14 count blue opalescent aida

Start 307: Mill Hill Silvery Tree

Start 308: Mill Hill Mrs. Bones - Halloween I know...but I like i t

Start 309: Mill Hill Mr. Bones

Start 310: Paula Vaughn - November quilt

Have you seen anything that has caught your eye????

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