Monday, February 9, 2009

Cherokee Child Update

I finally pulled my Mystic Stitch - Cherokee Child out of the bottom of my stitching pile. I haven't worked on her for a while. I actually had forgotten how sweet and innocent she looks. I finished page 4 of this design. Only 5 more pages to go until she is finished!!!! I have changed my car project. I am working on my Mirabillia Cinderella's border now. Every morning I am stuck in traffic moving only a few inches at a I stitch on somthing while I am sitting. I can get in about 50 stitches a this is the perfect time to work on a border ...something you really don't have to think about while stitching.


CJ said...

What a big project!! Five more pages to go, don't think I could do it. How long have you been working on this one??


Wendy said...

Wow what a nice project! Great progress! I'm looking forward to see you're progress!