Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stitching update- several projects

I have been busy this weekend. I was so close to finishing several things I decided to work on just them. I posted my finish for my scarecrow which turned out really cute.
Earlier this week, I worked on my BRD-My Sewing Sampler SAL design. It really is stitching up rather easy. I worked on it for 4 days and now it is back in the bottom of my project box. That is until it's next rotation.

On Friday I worked on my HAED project. I am trying to work 3 hours a week on it and I usually pick Friday night to stitch on it. I have put in a total of 1300 stitches, it sounds like alot..but as you know with a HAED project...that isn't much.

On Saturday night I finished the 2nd part of my Mystery SAL from Ozark Samplers. I don't know about you...but it looks like I am stitching a postage stamp. That is all I can come up with right now. I am sure though that Debbie has designed something beautiful!

Today, I worked on my Historical Fashions. I was so close to finishing the second couple that I worked on it all afternoon just to finish this section. It turned out beautiful. I love working on this design.


Terri said...

All your stitching is wonderful

Cindy F. said...

Your wips look great...and wow!!
I am in awe of you and the way you're working your HAED! Mine would be in knots already!

Sarah Lindfield said...

You are really steaming ahead with these cant wait to see what the Mystery SAL is. Historical fashions is so lovely and your HAED has started off well too. Love the BRD SAL.....great work Vickie.

Chiloe said...

I love the historical fashion ! YOu really did some great stitching this week ;-)

Love the tickers ;-) lucky you !!!

Debra said...

Everything looks great. Yes it does look like a postage stamp. Love the historical fashions piece.
Debra in Indiana

Joke said...

I really love Historical Fashinons. And I wonder, which HAED are you stitching?

Penny said...

I love those historical costumes. I read all the medivel historical fiction that I can. I love the Elizabethian period and have read a lot of books on that period. I also have read a lot on English History prior to that time. Your stitching is amazing.