Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cinderella update

It was Cinderellas turn in my 4 day rotation plan. I finished all of the stitched part of the castle. I left the beading and backstitching until I get finished. Which I really HATE to do!!! I like to do all the beading and backstitching as I go...but everyone told me I should wait until the end so that is what I am doing. I have stitched 13% of Cinderella. On the next rotation, I will be starting her dress which is the biggest part of the design.

I worked on my quilt this morning. Sewing all those blocks into rows. I worked for a couple of hours and then took off to my grandparents to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. I did take my grandma to Hancock fabrics and then to K-Mart. She hadn't been to Hancocks in a while and we looked all over the place. Then, we stopped at K-Mart to find her some sweats to wear around the house. She found a great pair of brown sweats that she just loved!!!

Tomorrow is a staff developemnt day so I guess I will be busy doing that. I hope to come home after school and finish my quilt rows.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

It's looking beautiful!! Perfect colour fabric too.

Meari said...

That's going to be beautiful when it's finished, Vickie.