Monday, October 13, 2008

Year of Kitties!!

I put the final stitches in my 2006 Kat's by Kelly tonight. I really stink at french knots so I decided to use light green petite mill hill beads for the kitties eyes. This piece started as my RR piece for ILCS and so a couple of the kitties have french knots for their eyes. I am so excited that I finished another piece!!!

I also worked on my quilt today and I have sewn all the rows. Which means I have 6.5 I just have to put them together. I may skip ceremics tomorrow night and go to my quilt class so I can lean how to that. I was looking for fabric for the back and I think I have found it. As you can see there is a picture of the quilt and then in the next picture I have placed a picture of the fabric I would like to place on the back. What do you think? Think the stripes is to much?

I have to say, tonight I am missing my friend Kim. She is out of town visiting her family without internet access. I am so used to chatting with her around 9:00 pm everynight...I think I am going through withdrawals!! I miss chatting with her.


Beth said...

I hate to say it, but I don't like the fabric. I know it has the same colors, but I think it's too busy. Maybe if the stripes were wider? What about cutting 12" strips of those colors and piecing them together for the back?

Just my humble opinion.


Debra said...

From what I can see, I like the fabric. I tried to get a bigger picture of it but it won't let me.
Debra in Indiana

Meari said...

Congrats on your kitty finish, Vickie. It looks great!

Kathy said...

I would have to say no to the back. I think it would be too busy with the front. Could you pick a solid colour from the front that was not brown? Also I would not put stripes with the circles.


Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

Your Year in Kitties are great! Congratulation on the finish. Are you going to back it?

Mare said...

The Kitties look great! The fabric looks fine to me.