Friday, October 3, 2008

Paperback Swap- GREAT MONEY SAVER!!!

I joined paperback swap last week and I am already addicted. I even added a link to the page for you to visit and join!!! As you probably can tell by the title of my blog....I am an AVID reader!!!! I can start a good book and not put it down until I finish it. I find myself going into bookstores and coming out with new books on a weekly basis. I love used bookstores and seem to spend tons of money there also!!!
I was so happy to find Paperback Swap. I will confess I have 3 bookshelves FULL of books and I won't read them again but I don't want to donate them somewhere they won't be paperbackswap is the answer. I just created an account Tusksmom is my nickname. I entered in 10 books that I wanted to trade...and I got 3 credits to spend!!!! Each book that you order is only 1 credit!! So I went shopping....I found 3 books and clicked "order book" then I found several that I wanted so I created a wishlist. and wouldn't you know...someone had them in their stash that they wanted to get rid of....I wanted the books so I found out you can use your paypal account to purchase credits (ONLY IF YOU WANT TO) which I more books came to me!

You only have to pay when:
you want to purchase more credits
you have to ship a book to someone
That is it!!!
You don't have to pay a dime to join or have a book shipped to you!!!!! Plus all your books go where they are wanted and appreciated...what book could ask for more?
So check it out.....and remember my nickname is : tusksmom
I would appreciate the referral credit!!! I have lots of books I want to get!!!

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Meowstitcher said...

That's a good idea! I think I joined but never followed through due to stuff....I'll check it out again. I need to find homes for my books.