Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stitchy Weekend

I was busy yesterday and today doing stitching things. I picked up my yard of fabric for my Hometown RR project that I will be starting in January 2009. I know it is early but sometimes it takes a while for my orders to come in my LNS. Sara sent me an email saying it was in and I asked if Sunday was member day with double punches on our buzzy cards...she said no, it wasn't until the craft fair weekend. I said Ok...just hold onto it because I want the double punches. I received an email a while later telling me that she would go ahead and give me double punches. She said with an order this big...I deserve them!!!!! So I received $155 dollars in punches!!! I was so excited!! Then I stopped by HL to pick up some DMC threads that I was running low on and completely out. After that was stop at Office Depot. I made working copies of my Historical Fashion charts. That fabric should be in by War Eagle craft weekend so that means more double punches!!!! LOL!!!!!

When I finally made it home, I spent the evening in my sewing room. I was finishing up 4 SFE for my ILCS group. I made 4 very cute little boxes. How it works is you pick a theme, and everyone stitches something for you in that theme. The themes I have left were: owls, summer and then 2 black cat themes. I loved this little cat design so I stitched it for both of them! I also finished LK Tea lovers chart....I left off the top "official" part because I didn't like it!

After finishing the projects I put away my new floss, kitted up my historical fashion design (just need fabric), cleaned up the floor from all my scraps of threads, fabrics etc. It was bad.

This morning I got up and worked on my quilt. I listened to the movie Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. I was just zooming right along with my quilt when my bobbin messed up. I knew it was making a noise but it was still sewing so I moved right along on this piece....well...the top stitched ok but the bottom looked horroid so I have to frog all of this piece and start again! That really stinks. I just need to stitch up 3 more blocks including the one I messed up on and Iwill be finished with the first part. I go back to class on Thursday night and see what my next steps are in this process.

This afternoon I worked on Augusta the 13th hole. There wasn't much progess...I started page 2 of 16 so I have a feeling it will be awhile before I finish this design. Off to watch the Amazing Race.


Debra said...

Vickie, congrats on your finishes and finishing. Can't wait to see your quilt.
Debra in Indiana

Karol said...

Sounds like a great stitchy weekend. Your finishes look great.

~Kim~ said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your finishes, and cant wait to see the quilt top grow!