Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Striptease anyone?

I started a new hobby and I came home with all my fingers!! LOL!! I have driven by this quilting shop in our little town everyday for over 2 years. I did go in this summer when the ILCS group was in town...but didn't buy anything. I finally got up my courage and scheduled a beginners quilting class. I went in afterschool and met with the owner (I am bad but I can't remember her name). She told me to go pick 4 fabrics and we would get started on my Striptease quilt. After looking around for over 30 minutes we finally found the fabrics I liked for my quilt. I decided I wanted a twin size quilt...I can cover up with it or Tusk can lay on it. Yes, I am making a quilt for my puppy...I am terrible.

She gave me a rotary cutting lesson which if you remember is how I sliced open my finger this time last year. I managed to cut thirty-three 2.5 inch strips and then elevan 6.5 in. strips after I had to iron all my fabrics. After that, I was tired and stressed because I just knew I was going to slice open my finger!!

My plan this weekend is to sew up the strips and head back next Thursday night for my 2nd class!!!


Shari said...

have fun Vickie!!! I have always thought that would be fun, but I need another hobby like another hole in my head!! Can't wait to see progress

Debra said...

Vickie, looking forward to seeing your progess on the quilt. I have been making a lot of quilts myself. There is nothing wrong with making your dog a quilt. I have been thinking about making one for cooper.
Debra in Indiana