Saturday, October 11, 2008

crafty day

Thursday evening I had my quilting class. I spent two hours in my quilt class. When I first got there I was giving the task of ironing all my strips. Then, I had to cut all 11 strips into blocks. I have always appreciated the beauty of quilts but I am starting to appreciate the work put into one quilt. I do have to confess...I have been looking for new fabrics to make a new quilt! This is going to be another expensive hobby.

After dinner, I settled myself into my recliner with my Kats by Kelly October kat. I caught up on some of my shows, Biggest Loser, One life to live, and criminal minds. I am a huge TV junkie...terrible I know...but I love to sit and stitch while watching TV. I finished the small design in one evening...which I know they are small but they usually take me a couple of days.

My DH went to Outback for our dinner...when I got home from quilt class he had dinner waiting on me!!!! I was so excited!! They have this chopped salad with blue cheese and candied walnuts that I just love...he brought me that with a fully loaded bake potato. Talk about a good husband!!

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Debra said...

Only one more to go. Looks great.
Debra in Indiana