Sunday, October 26, 2008

Historical Fashion week 1

I have spent a week working on this design and it was a headache!! I made several mistakes and spent several hours frogging those mistakes. Then had to restitch everything...I am now on the right track and it is looking good!!!! Once I was on the right track...I loved working on it. I have been keeping up with the hours stitched and subtraction hours right now I have put in a total of 14.5 hours and have finished 3.6% of this BAP finished.

I went to Walmart on Saturday and found four different fabrics that I like that go with my star wars themed quilt. I couldn't make up my mind so I bought a yard of all four! DH and I went to the Razorback game Saturday was so disappointing to lose by a fieldgoal!

I did work on my Indians this week. This is my car project. If you are curious to what a car project is let me explain. Every morning I am in traffic for 30 or so I am working on a project that isn't that hard. I stitch in my car as I stop and go...stop and go. If i am sitting at a stop light...I pul it out to work on....It is slowly coming along!


Chiloe said...

Welcome sister to the frogging world !!! lol It happened again to me last night: I hate it! It doesn't happen so much with my Lanarte ;-)

YOur quilt theme is very original ;)

Debra said...

I will be watching for more updates on your Historical Fashion piece, looks good so far. Did you finish the first quilt you were working on? If so I missed the picture. Now I know you are crazy, stitching and driving. LMBO!!!
Debra in Indiana

Shari said...

both pieces look great Vickie! I hope the frog has found a new home by now!!! Don't send him to Ind.

Betty said...

Your Historical Fashions looks terrific! I hope the frog stays clear of your place for a long time now!

As for stitching in the car, I don't think I am "quite" that addicted. If I were a passenger, no problem, but as driver, I don't find myself stopping long enough to do any stitching.

Beth said...

I know you've fought off several frog attacks, but your Historical Fashions is looking good so far!

Hugs & stitches,