Friday, March 23, 2012

2 UFO's needing new homes and my stash.

Today I spent the afternoon entering the rest of my charts onto Excel.  As of right now, I have entered all my charts and all my kits into an excel spreadsheet.  I haven't checked the nooks and crannies though.  You know how us stitchers are, we have things EVERY where!!!    As of right now, I have over 500 charts and 300 kits to be stitched!!!  I think that is enough to last a life time!!   
I still need to go through my magazines and write down the charts from them I want to stitch.  Who knows how many that will be when I get finished. 

New homes:  I decided to give away 2 of my UFO"s to people who may actually want them. 

This is an Ozark Sampler Mystery Stitch Along. It has all the patterns, and specialty threads needed to complete this project.  This was designed by Debbie Draper.  It is a sampler and I am not a sampler person.  It does turn out really cute. I won't tell what it is since it is supposed to be a mystery....

  The second one is my Patchwork Sampler. You can see the finished design here at Catiacrafts.   This was a freebie SAL design a few years ago.  I started it over one with Ozark Sampler threads.  I will include everything needed to finish it.

If anyone would like to have one of these projects...just leave your name.  I will rehome them on Monday.  Hopefully, there will be someone who would like them!!!


Rachel said...

Ohhh, wow, ok, What would you like to trade? I love the sampler...reminds me of a quilt!

Shari said...

oh my!!!!! You DO have a lot of stash......I don't think I want to take the time to see what I have!!! I know I don't have too many kits magazines......oh my!
I might be interested in the top piece if no one else is interested...
looks interesting!

Mother of Mayhem said...

Hi Vickie,

That's a great idea to create an Excel spreadsheet of your projects. I need to do that because, too often in the past, I have double-bought patterns. If either one of the UFO's is left, I will gladly give them a new home. I cheated and looked up the mystery one...those colors are luscious! Of course, I have also been known to look at the end of a book to make sure I want to commit to reading it - lol!

Karen in Maryland

Niina said...

Love the got me googling as designer is new to me :D hehehe... if you are going to but names to hat, please include me...

blue star stitcher said...

That is an amazing amount of stash, though you probably aren't alone (i'm not brave enough to even start counting).

wichitastitcher said...

Hi Vicki
I would like to give your project Ozark mystery SAL a good home. My email is

The Excel idea of listing all your projects is a good idea


Deadman said...

I would be interested in the draw.

9typing can be so interesting when you have a cat rolled up in one arm)

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a sampler person, would love either. Your stash, I'm sure you are not alone, remember SABLE?
Thanks for the opportunity to acquire a sampler-to-be,

Debbie said...

Oh my those are beautiful! I would be thrilled to give either sampler a new home for you. Thanks for the chance :)

Anita Hennesy said...

Both look interesting, you can add my name, might be fun. I don't have as much stash as you, but have more than enough to last 2 lifetimes, which doesn't stop me from accumulating more!!!


Chrism said...

lol Vickie I think you are no different from other stitchers around the world - cupboards of UFO's and a lot of stash still to do :) I thrive on having so much to stitch :) and am sure I could give house room to your ufo's :)
I have a spreadsheet as a wishlist which has some of my projects that I already have bought on it together with the ones I want to buy - I need to find time to update this though which I will do on my return from my holiday next week :)

chris x