Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1

Today was the first day of spring break.  I actually accomplished something off my list:
1. Go get my taxes done
2. Finish 2 houses in my Victorian Village
3. Take all the recycling to the recycling center
4. enter 2 binders of charts into my excel program
5.  Go in my Classroom and finish my Annual Review Conference paperwork 
(each conference takes about 2 hours to plan and I have 13 of them!!!!)

Taxes are finished!!!!!  We get a small refund from federal and state!! At least it is a refund and we do not owe!!!


This is my salad water I get to drink all day tomorrow.  It has cucumbers, freshly grated ginger and lemons.  Looks tasty!!!

This is it from the side view.  As you can see my Sonic Sweet tea cup right behind it.  I don't get that this week!!!!  I will be very cranky as I go through withdrawals!!!!!

I worked on my Ice Cream Parlor today.  I am moving right along.  Hopefully, I will finish it either late tonight or tomorrow.  Several people have asked where I found these patterns.  

The Victorian Village is an Afghan Series that was designed by Lois Winston.  It was published in the US Cross Stitcher Magazine in the months of:

December 93 - Flower Shop/Ice Cream parlor
Feb. 94 - Cross Stitch Shop and barber shop
April 94 - Antiques and Mercantile
June 94 - Quilt shop and Apothecary
August 94 - Dress shop and Book Shop
Oct. 94 - Sweet Shop and Millinary

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Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching :D