Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smiles from Heaven and Winners!!!

I got the best surprise today!!!  My Lilac bloomed for the first time!!  My granny, who passed away 3 years ago, gave me a cutting from her lilac bush 6 years ago. Mark and I had just bought our house and she decided I needed a cutting.  She and I decided to plant it in front of my house where I could smell the lilacs when the windows were open.  I have been waiting and waiting for this to bloom.  Mark just thought it was a GREAT big bush!!!  I told him to wait,...be patiently because it would bloom.  Today, my granny is smiling down at me because her lilac bush finally bloomed!!!   I am just so happy.  I told Mark that if we ever move, the bush is coming with me!!!!

Winners of the Patchwork Sampler and Ozark Sampler Mystery SAL....Plus my houses..

Karen  from my Stitchers UFO Challenge - she is getting the Patchwork Sampler SAL

Paula from Paula's WIPapocalypse - She is getting the Ozark Sampler Mystery SAL

Sue...you won my Disney houses chart..I need you to email me your address!!!


Rachel said...

Congrats ladies! LOVE that the lilac bloomed!!

sandy98221 said...

Vicki your lilac bush is beautiful! One of my favorite flowers. Mine haven't bloomed yet this year. I also have a snowball bush that's so pretty when it blooms. Sandy

Meari said...

I love lilac bushes!! Congrats on its first blooms. :)

Vicky L said...

I love the smell of lilac. So happy it is blooming for you.