Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Birthday gifts!!!!

My sister, Beth, who lives in Hong Kong sent me the best gift for my birthday!!!  An Amazon Gift card, the place where you can find almost anything!!!!  You know how it goes, if you don't have money you can ALWAYS find something to buy...if you do have money the decision is a little harder.  After many carts full of items and then being deleted, I finally made my decision.  I bought myself a couple new movies and a new digital scale for my kitchen.  

Dang Facebook game, sucked me right back in again.

  However, this time I am refraining from playing until Sunday.  I have a feeling that  if I can make it until then, I will know I can beat this addiction that I have for playing.  I think about all the time I have wasted on playing this silly game and I cringe.  That is serious stitching and reading time that I have lost!!!    So if all goes well, I will be hitting the delete button and blocking this app on facebook Sunday morning!!!!!  Wish me luck!!!


Denise said...

I know what you mean about the facebook games they have sucked me in also, and I have given them up totally. Good luck!
Happy Stitching

Keebles said...

That is my favorite version of Emma which is my least favorite Austen (I think it may have a lot to do with Jonny Lee Miller!). Hope you enjoy it!

Funny thing about that version of S&S, after watching the Vicar of Dibley, I can't watch the ending without laughing now, whereas I used to cry!!