Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Week - To do List

Spring Break has started this week and I have a small to do list.  Mark is going out of town on Sunday so I will be home by myself until Wednesday Night.  So, I have some random things I want to get finished this week while he is gone.  My list looks like this:

1. Go get my taxes done
2. Finish 2 houses in my Victorian Village
3. Take all the recycling to the recycling center
4. enter 2 binders of charts into my excel program
5.  Go in my Classroom and finish my Annual Review Conference paperwork 
(each conference takes about 2 hours to plan and I have 13 of them!!!!)

Here is what I have stitched on the Ice Cream Shoppe so far:

My Diet:
I have gone off my diet for a while.  I got totally frustrated about exercising and Not losing weight.  I am sure you know what I am talking about!  It is just hard when I try so hard and nothing happens.   So after eating like crap and enjoying myself.  I am going to try the diet from the book I bought a few weeks ago.  

This is a good time since the first 4 days is like a body detox to get the bad things out of your system.  You get to eat 1200 calories these first 4 days and then you get to eat 1600 calories for the next 28 days.   You have to drink this special water for the first 4 days.  It has cucumbers, grated ginger and lemon in it.  You have to make it fresh the night before and then drink it all day the next day.   It says you are supposed to lose up to 7 pounds in the first four days, and lose at least 5 inches.  I am not sure if this is going to happen...  I am going to start this on Sunday, since that is the day Mark is going out of town.  I will keep you informed on how this works out!!!!!!


SoCal Debbie said...

Good luck with that cucumber-ginger water! That is a good to-do list, but stitching should be #1. LOL

CalamityJr said...

I was thinking what a doable, great to-do list, until you said you have 26 hours of conference paperwork - wow! Keep us posted on the diet; you may become an inspiration to some of us.

Linda said...

I love the Ice Cream Shoppe. Can you tell me who the designer is.
Good luck with the diet.